The F.U.S.E. Program: Foundations for Understanding Social Engagement




Specializing in Child Social Development; Empowering a child to engage with peers and his/her community: Services Include Home-based Services, Social Groups, Collaborative Sports Groups, Specialized Preschool and Vacation and Summer Camp in Lexington, MA


T he F.U.S.E Program , Foundations for Understanding Social Engagement, is a program for children and adolescents who are experiencing challenges in social problem solving skills at home, at school or in the community. Many children, for a variety of reasons, lack necessary foundational skills for social problem solving. Without these skills it is difficult for a child to feel confident and thus engage successfully with peers in a meaningful reciprocal manner . The goal of the FUSE program is to access a child where he/she is and help him/her internalize the foundational skills they are weak in to to empower a child to feel competent and confident interacting and relating in the social world.



Social Development Services

W e are a comprehensive program that has taken into account every realm of what is difficult for the child to engage in a social world and created support for the family and child in all areas. We FUSE aspects and concepts of many different social and emotional curriculums to create a new and innovative method of helping children internalize the foundations necessary to be an active participant in a social world.:

1. Social Developmental Assessment

W hen you first join the FUSE family,  your child will have a social developmental intake session. This intake is a one session  evaluation. Lauren Weeks, Psy.D. meets with each child entering the FUSE program to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses pertaining to social and emotional development.  She will discuss goals and objectives for the child and appropriate programming for the child with the family. This intake session is not a diagnostic evaluation but rather for treatment planning. During this session, Lauren will play with the child and interact with him/her in a nonthreatening fun manner to assess various aspects of social and emotional development, such as self regulation, nonverbal communication, co-regulation, communication for collaboartion, flexibility and initiation. From this session Lauren is able to create a treatment plan with the family which may include either FUSE preschool, home services, social groups, and or sports groups:

2. Office Based Consultation

L auren will meet with each family within the FUSE program whether the child is obtaining home services or social/sports groups either monthly or quarterly to assess the child’s progress and introduce new goals and objectives. After an office consultation Lauren meets with the child’s service provider to discuss updated goals and objectives. Often the service provider will come to the office consultation to observe and discuss progress as a TEAM.

3. Home Based Services

T ypically when a child first joins FUSE he/she begins with home services to better internalize the foundations necessary for social connections with peers. The home service provider works with the child in a one to one setting while the parents observes and partakes in the sessions. Typical objectives that are targeted during home services are nonverbal referencing and communication in a social interaction, co regulating one’s actions with those of a partners, understanding and utilizing the concepts of thinking about others and the flexibility this entails within play. Home service providers discuss goals and related games and concept with parents to empower them to become more effective social partners with their child. As a child achieves his/her goals typically siblings start to be included into the session and then ultimately peers for playdates become the goal of the session. The home component of the program has proven to be an integral part of why children in the FUSE program make such tremendous progress.

Our mission is to nurture and support the social and emotional growth of all preschool age children. It is our belief that if children feel competent and successful in their social environment, they gain increased motivation to explore their curiosity and share their excitement and experiences with those around them! The combination of small teacher to student ratio and our team of experts from all domains of child development working directly with the children, create the optimal preschool experience! Dr. Lauren Weeks